The future looks greener with megagrass

How much does your yard really cost you?


Your average American yard is over 10,000 square feet. Watering with 1 inch of water means over 322,000 gallons of water per year! That's like running your shower for 106 days straight.


You spend hours every week mowing, edging, weed-eating and sweeping. Not to mention the cost of mower maintenance and gas. How many hours per year would you save by installing artificial grass once?


Keeping grass green during the winter and weeds dead requires gallons of fertilizer and herbicide. Have an area of your yard where water pools up? That can cause flooding, fungus, and dead areas.

Options That Fit Your Life


Forget the mowing, watering and maintenance. Forever.


Simply spray away dog messes. No more smells, fleas, ticks or digging.


Stop working on your yard and start playing in it.

Get your FREE sample today

Just pay 5.99 for the shipping and you'll get six 4x4 grass samples of the following:

  • Megapet
  • Megalawn
  • Megagolf
  • Megasport
  • Megaplay
  • Megaporch

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Here's what our customers are saying

This company is by far the best when it comes to customer service, quality of products, and fast delivery! I ordered 3 of the 10x12 premium and the thickness, blade length and just over all quality is Amazing! I'm using it for a play area for my toddlers and it couldn't be more perfect!

The two pieces I received were 8x15 and 10x15 - both larger than expected. They definitely feel lush, thick, and heavy and look very well made. I have received numerous samples of artificial grass from numerous companies and this appears to be at least equivalent if not better than anyone else's top of the line product - but was at a lower price point here... Maybe my experience is atypical, as they did ship from a location only 300 miles away but it seems like they have their act together as it probably took them only 1 day after I ordered it to load onto a delivery truck.

WOW! Out of the blue, delivery drivers have complimented us on this turf. Some even asked if it was real! Easy to trim with a razor blade. Easy to clean with my leaf blower. Greatly reduced weeds! (Some smaller weeds make it through the weep holes.) The turf is heavy though. I ordered 3 rolls (around 360 sq ft total) of 92 oz face weight. The three rolls were rolled into a single roll weighing nearly 1000 lbs. and the freight driver is only required to drop it at curbside. Make sure you have help!

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