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The Best Artificial Grass in Phoenix

With an average of 211 days of sunshine, it's no surprise that Arizonans would rather turn to synthetic grass for their landscaping needs as opposed to natural grass. Finding high-quality artificial grass for sale in Phoenix, Arizona may sometimes prove to be difficult, but it's a better option than installing a natural lawn. Of the remaining 154 days of the year, only around 69 will be cloudy or rainy, not really conducive to raising live grass.

So how do you keep your backyard looking green and lush when Phoenix is basically a hot desert known for its long, extremely hot summers and only mildly warm winters? Simple, you go artificial. With extreme climates during summer and an annual rainfall of a mere 7.7 inches, it's just natural that more and more residents are turning to man-made turf.

It is believed that Phoenix receives the most sunshine out of any major city on Earth, which makes installation of fake turf a whole new problem on its own. And this is where we come in.

Turf can get hot, like anything synthetic but MegaGrass is designed to withstand a high melting point so it doesn't shrivel in the sun, and its blades are designed to circulate air and deflect light. There are tips and tricks to make your turf cooler, like getting infill like T-Cool that retains moisture and keeps your turf surface cool; or getting turf with a zigzagged blade because by rule of thumb, the more texture your blade has the more it is able to circulate air and deflect heat. This combination guarantees that your turf will settle just right in with your good old Phoenix, Arizona weather.

The blades we use in our synthetic grass make them more durable and weather-proof compared to regular fake grass. They also come in colors so dense and varied that they look like the real deal. You'll be receiving compliments in no time!

Our products are our word. Our integrity lies in not only in what we produce but how we take care of our friends and the planet. This is our promise to you, a partnership as durable as our products and empathetic customer service that places your needs and aspirations, as if they were our own.

Why Should Homeowners in Arizona Make the Switch to Artificial Grass?

Saves Money

The cost of living in Phoenix, AZ is high, and you can expect the same thing to come out of lawn care. You can kiss goodbye those expenses as MegaGrass doesn't need huge amounts of money in order to keep it looking like new.

Saves Time

We can never have enough time, and the opportunity to take control of your own schedule is a gift we are sure you can appreciate. MegaGrass offers you the gift of time since you wont be wasting time on your lawn.

Easy to Maintain

Maintenance will never be on your list of to do's again when you get MegaGrass for your lawn. Since it's made out of plastic, you don't have to fertilize, weed, water and mow!



Low-quality artificial grass can be understandably dangerous to kids and animals, but not with MegaGrass because our products are made out of non-toxic materials and you don't have to use pesticides on them anymore, there's little risk of putting them in danger.


Environmentally friendly

Since you don't need to mow your lawn after installing MegaGrass in your home, you reduce your damage to the planet in terms of carbon emissions. And you also protect the local ecosystem sinceyou don't have to use dangerous chemicals to treat your lawn.


You wouldn't be able to tell MegaGrass products from authentic turf when you've finally installed it. Regardless of the climate or time of the year, you can always our artificial turf to always look good.

Artificial Grass for Every Occasion



We know how much your pet loves running and lazing about outdoors; that's why MegaPet is here to specifically address your pet-related concerns on the yard.



We know how much your pet loves running and lazing about outdoors; that's why MegaPet is here to specifically address your pet-related concerns on the yard.

MegaPet can handle pets of any sizes, so even your lovely pit bull can prance on your synthetic grass without worries. More importantly, this variant comes with odor-canceling properties so your yard doesn't smell like doo-doo all the time.



The biggest golfing enthusiasts can get a hole-in-one with MegaGolf!

This golf-centric variety offers the usual durability and low-maintenance assets that come with a MegaGrass product. However, what sets this apart is that this grass mimics the conditions on the golf links, making it a perfect surface to practice your putt game.



The turf's condition is just as important as the running drills and skill tests athletes do in order to improve. Make MegaSport your sporting partner if you are training to become the next big thing in football, baseball, or soccer.

This tough grass can handle the abuse that comes naturally with sports. This artificial grass tyle can also protect athletes from potential injury when they do hit the ground.



Since the sun always shines in Arizona, it's natural that our kids and elderly always spend their time outdoors. However, they are susceptible to injuries when they are left alone. Soften the impact with MegaPlay! our synthetic grass comes with extra layers of cushion to increase their safety and prevent horrible injuries



Since Phoenix has such a rich art scene, it wouldn't be weird for you to host art-themed parties in your Phoenix home. MegaPorch is the perfect partner for those outdoor parties.

This product is specialized in handling the foot traffic that comes and goes in areas like the roof deck and the patio. You can expect the same quality and durability on MegaPorch that we have on other lines.

Why We Love Phoenix, Arizona (And Why You Should Too)

'Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life', as the popular saying goes. And if art is any indication of the beauty of life, then Phoenix, Arizona can be a life source of its own. Phoenix is widely known for its museums that cater to nearly every taste known to man.

Here you can find the Heard Museum (Native American), Taliesin West (home of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation), Phoenix Art Museum (the Southwest's largest art museum), the Desert Botanical Garden (the world's largest collection of desert plants), the Arizona Science Center, the Fleischer Museum (American Impressionism), and the Hall of Flame just to name a few.

Art enthusiasts will find this city a haven where they can feast their eyes on creative works not always available in other places, but the city is bursting with more than just its art museums. Its never-ending sunshine also makes it the ultimate outdoor enthusiast's dream. Tourists are known to frequent the extensive trail system of South Mountain Park, and enjoy the hike up the city's most popular natural landmark -- the Camelback Mountain.

Phoenix is quite simply a wonderful celebration of native desert flora and fauna with a dash of timeless art thrown into the mix. Perhaps it is also the very reason this city is all sunshine most of the year, to further emphasize the love and light that it selflessly shares to the world and its people.

It seems as if it's easy to categorize Phoenix as being just an interesting desert, but that's hardly the case. Everything that's bright and wonderful is here, and with the weather always so cooperative, it's understandable how more and more tourists and yes, even locals, are slowly realizing how much of a gem this city is. This city is a gift to the people, and it's high time we all start taking the time to unwrap it.

How do you take care of artificial grass?

Extend the life of your artificial grass by making sure you regularly clear it of any debris, give it periodic washing with just water and soap, and brush the fibers to make sure their blades remain upright. Avoid using harsh chemicals. And in the absence of commercial cleaners, opt for natural and organic alternatives.

What are the benefits of installing artificial grass?

Installing artificial grass is very beneficial to pet owners. Not only is artificial turf (especially the well-draining ones) perfect for use as pet runs and dog potty, it is also soft on your pet’s paws. Cleanup is a breeze as you can just easily pick up any material waste and simply hose the rest of the turf down. You also eliminate the possibility of getting dead patches of grass on your lawn that usually happens when natural grass is exposed to pet urine.

Can you install artificial grass on dirt?

Yes, you can! Just remember to remove any live vegetation on the dirt before laying down your artificial grass rolls.

Can you install artificial grass on concrete?

Yes, especially in cases where having a soil surface is not ideal. Although artificial grass is best placed on top of the soil, there are instances where that is not always ideal. For example, soil is not a good material to put around a pool. Since concrete may be slippery, it’s best you install artificial grass on top of it to minimize and ultimately prevent accidents.

Can I install artificial grass myself?

It depends on the size of your lawn. In some cases where the lawn is significantly large, we advise homeowners to just hire a team of installers to work on their lawns. This is because sometimes, it is more practical to have experts complete the project as opposed to a single person working on a task meant for 5 people or more. If you want to save time, effort, and yes even money, you are better off finding a team to install your artificial grass.

How much is artificial grass?

Budget priced artificial grass lawns sell at around $1 to $3 per square foot while major brands never go below $5 for every square foot.

How long does artificial grass last?

If homeowners ensure that their artificial grass is used only for its advertised use, their installation can easily last up anywhere from 20 to 25 years.

What is artificial grass made of?

Artificial grass is made from synthetic materials such as Polyethylene, Polypropylene, and Nylon.

Is artificial grass good for dogs?

Yes! Artificial grass is tough unlike natural grass and will discourage your pets from munching on the grass which, we all know, can potentially cause an upset stomach or other digestive diseases.

Is artificial grass safe for toddlers?

Artificial grass is safe for toddlers because it’s allergen free and because you can install additional shock pads to prevent minor falls from causing injuries.

Does artificial grass get hot?

The highest artificial grass temperature ever to be measured during research is 200° F. So yes, artificial grass can get really hot under the extreme conditions.

Does artificial grass drain?

High-quality artificial grass should drain without issues. This makes cleanups easier and also prevents water from pooling on the surface of the grass.

Where to buy artificial grass near me?

There are a lot of good artificial grass manufacturers and distributors in Phoenix. You may also try ordering samples and eventually your full custom cut rolls at