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The Best Artificial Grass in Chicago

Chicago, IL is one of the best cities on the planet. There’s plenty of history, culture, and opportunities for everyone. The Windy City is a perfect place for people to call home.

However, everyone knows that keeping a beautiful home can be tricky business. Your natural lawns are especially susceptible to the elements in Chi-Town. They may not stay green throughout the year.

If you want your lawns always green, you can always count on artificial grass. These products can do the job as effectively as natural grass! But, they require less work!

Not sure about making the switch? We at MegaGrass are more than willing to help you get over your worries! We are an industry leader in providing quality grass to private homes and organizations in Chicago. We also supply other major cities across the United States.

Let us share with you the perks of owning artificial grass like ours!

What are the Benefits of Getting Artificial Grass?

Saves Money

We know that money can get tight in an expensive city like Chicago. Your lawn shouldn't take a big chunk of your budget. MegaGrass helps you in that aspect. You will save a lot more in the long run when you make the switch!

Saves Time

Chicago is such a beautiful city to experience. Your family shouldn't be stuck inside as you try to mow your lawn every other week. Our artificial grass doesn't need constant work. You can spend your free time with people that matter.

Easy to Maintain

Taking care of your lawn can be hard. There are just too many things involved in it like watering, mowing, and fertilizing. However, you don't have to worry about that with our eco-friendly grass. Say goodbye to tedious lawn care routines!



Natural lawn care means using weed killers, pesticides, and other products with harmful chemicals. Artificial grass doesn't need treatment so you don't have to worry about poison when you have MegaPorch.


Environmentally friendly

Chicagoans can already feel the impact of global warming. MegaGrass can help fight it. Our artificial grass will help you reduce your carbon emissions since you don't have to mow anymore.


We know how important your yard is in adding to your home's curb appeal. We’re happy to tell you that our artificial turf will always look nice and full in your Chicago home. You will always have a nice lawn whatever time of the year.

Artificial Grass for Every Occasion



Dog person? Cat Person? Llama person? Rabbit person? Have a whole farm of animals' type of person? It doesn’t matter, MegaPet welcomes all animals and won't judge you for owning them. Cleaning up after your pets is easy, simply scoop up the mess and then rinse with water. Get MegaPet installed in your outdoor spaces and it will brave the foot traffic your animal brings.



There are plenty of grass products in the market, but MegaLawn is a perfect fit for most home situations. This product line is sturdyand can handle the foot traffic that an average Chicagoan household creates over 25 years.



Even the most avid golfing fan will agree that MegaGolf is a great product. This type of grass has all the features that come with our MegaGrass products. However, this line of artificial grass mimics the look and feel of greens at Harborside International or Jackson Park.



Make sure that your future baseball, football, or soccer star has the best surfaces to train on. MegaSport can withstand the punishment your athletes will give it. It can also help increase safety if it is given cushion inlays.



Got a big play area in your lawn? Make sure that your kids are protected with MegaPlay. This specific artificial grass is created with cushions inserted between the layers to protect kids. MegaPlay will increase safety and prevent serious injuries.



Make your home the hottest party destination in Chi-Town with MegaPorch. Our artificial grass can provide additional grip to prevent your partygoers from slipping when the party hypes up. It also adds an awesome aesthetic to your decks or patios.

Why We Love Chicago, IL

If you ask a person who visited Chicago what the city is like, they might say the experience is overwhelming. But, it's worth the trip. The third-largest city in the United States by population has so much to offer for families and friends.

There are plenty of ways to tour this beautiful city. The Willis Tower offers a great view of the skyline. The First Lady offers an interesting tour of the town's architecture. The famous 606 urban hiking trail offers a healthy way of touring the city's famous neighborhoods.

If you're looking for a more cultured stay in the city, you can visit the various museums. Like the Art Institute of Chicago or the Green Mill. Millenium Park also hosts concerts and public art like the iconic Cloud Gate.

You cannot miss out on the booming food scene. The deep-dish pizza is something any foodie should try at least once. The Chicago-style hot dog also offers a different gastronomic experience from the popular New York dog.

Chicago is also a popular sporting town as well. The Bulls, Cubs, Bears, White Sox, Blackhawks, and Fire represent Chicago sports. There's always a game happening in the city, and it's easy to fall in love with these teams.

There's plenty more to explore in this beautiful metro. However, we leave it to you to discover the thing that will make you fall hard for this beautiful city.

How do you take care of artificial grass?

Maintaining artificial grass is easier to maintain than natural grass. All you need to do is remove the dead leaves and debris from the surface. Then wash it with water, and brush it to remove the dirt. The best part? You don’t have to do this often!

What are the benefits of installing artificial grass?

There's one big reason why you should consider making the jump to artificial grass. Your yard will always look good with artificial grass. It will continue to look lush despite the climate and the frequency of your maintenance.

Can you install artificial grass on dirt?

Yes. Every synthetic grass patch is designed to work well with dirt.. However, steps have to be taken to secure the installation. The area must be properly flattened and covered with compacted sharp sand.

Can you install artificial grass on concrete?

Yes! You can install artificial grass on concrete surfaces. So you don't have to worry if your lawn has concrete surfaces on it. In fact, you can skip some steps in the installation process with concrete!

Can I install artificial grass myself?

There's nobody stopping you from installing your artificial grass yourself. However, you have to be careful and ensure the proper installation of your turf. Have a friend with experience or a professional ready to help you.

How much is artificial grass?

Almost every synthetic grass product is priced between $2 to $8. The final price of the grass you will purchase depends on the brand and the features that come with the grass.

How long does artificial grass last?

A well-made patch of synthetic turf in Chicago can usually last for up to 25 years. But, the number can change. Factors that affect it are the grass' compatibility to your lifestyle and the frequency of maintenance.

What is artificial grass made of?

Artificial grass is made from synthetic materials like Polyethylene or PE which is a long-lasting material that is gentle on the skin.

Is artificial grass safe for dogs?

You don’t have to worry about your pet getting poisoned with artificial grass. Our turf is made up of synthetic materials, there's no need to apply pesticides and fertilizers. Your furry friends will not be exposed to toxic chemicals.

Is artificial grass safe for toddlers?

We are more than happy to tell you that artificial grass will not be a hazard to your children. As long as the grass is properly installed, there’s no chance for your kids to pull the grass off the ground.

Does artificial grass get hot?

Yes, artificial grass does get hot after prolonged exposure to the sun. It's important to note that some manufacturers have added heat-insulating properties on their patches of synthetic turf so it stays cooler.

Does artificial grass drain?

If artificial grass doesn’t drain, it's a defective product! The perfect artificial grass should be able to drain rainwater like nobody's business. The draining rate depends on the design of the grass, though.

Where to buy artificial grass near me?

Chicago is a bustling metro with plenty of stores that offer artificial grass. However, some of the best synthetic turfs can be found in online grass sellers like We also offer our grass in custom sizes.