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  • You earn a 10% commission for every purchase.
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  • Average order value of $700

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  • 90-day tracking cookies


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When you join, you’ll get free access to our whole arsenal of content on all things artificial grass and sustainable landscaping.


There are over 80 million homes in the US alone. 130,000 plus schools and at least 15,000 golf courses, all with lawns. But guess what? Reports show that Americans hate lawn upkeep. They're looking for alternatives, and you’re just the person to give them that.

Because our grass is cleverly manufactured, the look and feel can be controlled and manipulated. And that means we’ll be able to bring them the exact grass they need.

Going beyond looks, our grass blades are perfectly engineered. We have grass blades that can withstand heat, heavy traffic, and the wear and tear of sports training. Some blades are soft to the touch, curved to deflect light, long for extra cushioning, and the list goes on. We’ve been able to sell enough grass to cover the earth. Our grass works, and it works hard!

MegaGrass is not just about the sale. We’re also working to shift the paradigm to more sustainable landscaping. You won’t just be offering green lawns to your audience. You’re giving them a big step into a greener lifestyle.

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