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Artificial grass,

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Rigorous Testing Surpassing even government standards — that's how committed we are to quality

EverFlow Technology has 4x more drainage holes, keeping your pet’s tinkle off the turf


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Keeps artificial grass smelling like freshly cut grass!


4 distinct blades, multi-colored options and varying densities mean customizable versatility for indoors, outdoors, up a wall, and under your pets


EverCool Technology reduces surface temperature by 15%.


Learn more about the MegaGrass Difference

Industry-Leading Artificial Grass Brand 

In a world where synthetic turf use is being incorporated into various residential and commercial applications, access to the best turf grass on the market is a godsend. From simple home improvements to larger projects such as sports stadiums and putting greens, finding the perfect artificial grass company to cater to your needs should take high priority.

MegaGrass is a leading synthetic grass manufacturer and distributor in the United States and a company that you can rely on. Reputable and with 11 accessible warehouse locations in major areas across the country, we take pride in our ability to provide efficient and timely landscaping solutions to our clients. Our company continuously strives to build connections based on complete trust and exemplary customer service. We have one of the largest fake grass collections in the country.

Here at MegaGrass, we offer the best artificial grass for our customers’ highly specific needs. We have artificial turf grass for lawns, sports stadiums, play areas, pet areas, porches, and golf putting areas. Regardless of the size of the project you’re working on, you’ll be pleased to know that we have every size and cut available for it.


Our Product Categories Include:  

Home maintenance can be costly. A lot of homeowners unknowingly use a large portion of their monthly budget in natural lawn care. Most of these people spend their lives believing that artificial grass is a less sustainable landscaping solution when in fact, it’s one of the most eco-friendly options that they could possibly have. Our MegaLawn collection is easy to maintain and will actually pay for itself in time.

Improve your golf game even while relaxing at home. Our quality MegaGolf collection is engineered to aid play improvement. The putting greens we offer are direct results of our never-ending search for the best putting green technologies. Our artificial turf, along with our accessories, will help you improve your short game and help you take strokes off your score.

Traditional play areas aren’t exactly designed with the safest materials. The old-fashioned ones are known for having hard floors with a generous mix of cement, gravel, and even rubber chips. Switchers will be glad to know that we now offer a safer option for them. Our MegaPlay collection is a great alternative to the usual hard floor bed found in old play areas. Our synthetic turfs were created with durability and safety in mind.

Different pet sizes mean different yard needs, and that’s something that MegaGrass can help you with. Our MegaPet collection caters to owners of both small and large breeds. Highly permeable and very easy to clean, our pet turfs are great for yards that experience a lot of pet traffic. Additionally, they also look great despite all the roughhousing that comes with pet ownership.

Our MegaPorch collection is known for being low maintenance and longer lasting compared to other traditional deck surfaces. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, MegaPorch is also a great way of making more areas in your home appealing to visitors. Even the most unsightly area can eventually be used for entertaining guests once these lush greens are installed.

When it comes to sports, force reduction is every bit as important as turf traction. Specially designed for recreation and sports use, our MegaSport collection was designed for optimum sports performance. Improve your balance, strength, and coordination with synthetic turf you can install indoors or outdoors. Our blades guarantee a level playing surface perfect for agility training and durability.


What Are the Benefits of Having Artificial Grass?

1. Saves Money
If installed the right way, you can expect your synthetic grass to last for years. Compared to natural grass, there’s a relatively lower upkeep needed for artificial turf. Some are so easy to install you only have to unroll it and leave it.

2. Saves Time
There’s no need to mow or water artificial grass. After installation, there’s very little that needs to be done to keep it looking good. Its colors won’t fade so it stays fresh looking year after year. No need to pay someone to keep it looking great.

3. Easy to Reuse
One of the great things about synthetic grass is how you can repurpose it after it has lived its days as your trusted turf. It’s like paying once for a product that you know will last you a long time and being able to use it after its initial intended purpose.

4. Easy to Maintain
There’s simply no need to bother with synthetic turf. Install it and enjoy it for the rest of its life. It will stay as green as the day you bought it and smell like freshly mown lawn as long as you want.

5. Safe
With artificial grass, there’s never really a need to use weedkillers, fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. With all these risks eliminated, users of this grass can enjoy a hazard-free time with family, friends, and pets.

6. Environmentally friendly
To keep natural grass healthy you need various maintenance equipment. On their own, these equipment require fuel (petrol and diesel) to run. You can’t say the same with fake grass. Fake grass is virtually maintenance free and will never require any type of fuel. With a lush life that runs plenty of years, you are actually doing more for the environment as opposed to installing natural grass which demands continuous care.

7. Lush
Artificial grass will never ever wilt and the colors will stay beautiful despite weather changes. The blade structures serve as protection so the turf stays upright through consistent wear.


Why Choose MegaGrass?

Among the hundreds of artificial grass manufacturers in the country, what do you think sets us apart? We offer what we proudly call the MegaGrass guarantee. The MegaGrass guarantee is a landscaping convenience we are always excited to talk to clients about.

The concept is simple -- never overbuy artificial grass ever again. Here at MegaGrass we allow custom sizing for every single customer. Where the industry standard is to have only 15 feet in width, we offer 1500 custom sizes for you to choose from.

Aside from custom sizes, we also take pride in various technologies we integrate into our products, highlighted below;


Our Technologies:

EverGreenEverGreen technology guarantees that the colored blades of the turf will blend with the thatching. This gives the turf a more natural color and shade. It also allows the synthetic grass to look fresher for longer times.

EverFlowThe EverFlow technology improves the permeability of the turf. Better drainage means easier clean-up, especially for pet owners. The EverFlow technology also makes it a practical addition to playing areas, putting turfs, and sports areas.

EverCoolEverCool technology keeps turf 15% cooler than regular synthetic grass. Especially in places where summer times are extremely dry, having the option to install synthetic grass that doesn’t heat up like asphalt on a sunny day is a wonderful idea.

EverFreshThis technology keeps the synthetic turf smelling like freshly cut grass at all times. A wonderful welcome to every bright morning, this innovation can give any residential or commercial area an ambiance unlike any other.

No other company does artificial grass like we do. Come for our synthetic grass, stay for the customer experience. We are quality personified, we are MegaGrass.