Be sure to enrich your turf with the supplies such as Bender-board, Turf Puller, Circle Cutter, The Wonder Edge, and Turf Super Glue 32 oz, among others. These turf hardware provide the best installation results alongside synthetic grass products. Here is each type of synthetic accessory required for a perfect lawn.

Premium Aluminum Golf Cups

Consider this Premium Aluminum accessory with a 4- ¼" perma-white Aluminum 6" Deep professional Golf Cups. This accessory serves best in providing you with accurate golf shots and feature three drainage holes that are capable of expelling water for constant designed outdoor use and inground installation. Megagrass is here to offer you a well-equipped accessory that is durable and long-lasting.

Golf Flags

Even though it seems incomplete without the proper hardware, putting green accessories using Golf Flags display is all you need for a great lawn. Choose from our available solid colors, including white, red and black, or white Golf Flags with the golf course for putting green flag pins, golf cups and hole cutter. Notably, it is essential that you use this right tool like flag pins, swivels, cup hook and hole cutter from our display and be sure of an outlook and appealing lawn.

Lawn Pad

Without the benefit of ever doubting, Lawn pad is the leading polygreen's applications for its building success. Our Company provides you with a 99% standardized, recycled, non- contaminated, and post-industrial crossed linked closed cell polythene. You won’t regret your purchase because this accessory is free of rubber, lead and heavy metals, is 100% recyclable, and features geotextile on one side. Your gardener will notice a natural inhibition of weed growth. There’s one thing for sure: you will love the Lawn Pad accessory for its overall padding and its non-microbial materials will ensure great performance for years without decay or fungus!

Green Sand

Green Sand may have a bad rap, but before you turn away, have a look at how you can use Green Sand from Megagrass. Book yourself the best market trending order of a simple, beautiful, smooth, attractive Green Sand grass Installation for your lawn. In addition to its qualities mentioned above, the Green Sand is trending for its ability to brighten rooms. With the sharp grey cabinets which provide you with a beautifully finished grade, infuse a trendy, and durable look to the entire installation.

Zeofill Organic Infill

Various types of synthetic turf need an infill to distributed in between the fibers of the grass for a top dressing adds and weight to maintain the firm and support of the standing grass. Organic Zeofill also has the capacity you need for a prolonged life duration since it has a UV ray protection. For Silica sand as your chosen ground, your option should be the Zeofill accessory that Megagrass is here to provide you with readily available variety.

Turf Puller

Give your artificial look a super look with a turf puller. You use the accessory to put the grass together. Of course, everyone would love to see a refined lawn. You long to have more golfers in your golf course. Attain this by getting this vital tool. What you will have is uniform artificial peat. Perfect look and excellent time when playing with your friends. Many long to know the secret to a better lawn but unless you use Turf puller, you will always be wrong on your lawn texture!

Turf Super Glue 32 oz

Nothing beats a lawn maker who uses the Turf Puller with the Turf Super Glue 32 oz. This combination as you work on your lawn gives you confidence when playing. The perfect peat you have made will remain intact. The adhesive allows you to stick the well-pressed park. You now have the top formula to having a stable pitch in a decent lawn. The ultimate strength of glue will never disappoint you.

The Wonder Edge

The accessory assures you of a long-lasting lawn. It brings a bright and most exceptional look. The wonder edge adds a better and simple picture during field events or even in your open office. Simplicity is the best way to keep a lawn. During maintenance you spend less energy and labor. Enjoy the top-notch services by grabbing your wonder edge.

The edger keeps your lawn neat. After you straighten your garden, add some glue, do not forget the wonder edge. You are sure of best output and great time during golf course. The tool will always be of value. In fact, after the tremendous results, you may refer your friends to get one.

Circle Cutter

Your golf pitch needs holes that are precise. Circle cutter helps you achieve all this. The holes made by this vital piece allows you to put golf cups. Put your greens in the cups and bet you will have the best lawn. An epic golf pitch full of greens. You probably can imagine what a place your lawn will make.

Shock Pads

As an owner of a lawn, you will need to minimize to the cost of putting a garden. Probably you have friends who have the best parks at a low price, but you do not understand how they put it. Get a shock pad and achieve this. It is an accessory placed beneath the turf during installation. The pads save you from using excess infill.

Pet Odor Neutralizer

The Pet Odor Neutralizer is a perfect fit in case your lawn produces a foul smell. Get this from a professional. You can use this in both the natural and artificial grasses. The contents of the products are made by experts hence very safe and do not pollute the environment. Veterinary doctors, dog keepers and grass trimmers should have this. Your friends will be amazed by the

24/7 fresh smell from your lawn.

Equip yourself with a variety of synthetic turf accessories at Megagrass. You will have the best Synthetic Turf Accessories from Megagrass. Give your golf course an inspiring atmosphere.

Feeling stuck? Do not hesitate to contact us for installation services or to ask us for more information about turf hardware for your application.