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The MegaPorch series redefines your outdoor entertainment space with party-ready, hassle-free artificial grass.

"Truly the most advanced artificial grass of all time."


Made in USA
25 Years Lush Life
Easy Install !

100% Recyclable 
15 Years Warranty
Our Freshest Grass

It's never been easier.

Learn more about each type:

MegaPorch Premiere

For Smooth Transitions

MegaPorch Premiere provides the same relaxing benefits as a large natural yard, without the expensive upkeep, emissions and space demand. Do it. You deserve it.

MegaPorch Pro

For That Natural Feel

MegaPorch Pro can bring a touch of green to any urban home. Get the therapeutic benefits of feeling soft, realistic grass between your toes without all the filth! 

MegaPorch Platinum

Ready, Set, Party

MegaPorch Platinum, you'll consider living outdoors. Imagine covering up that ugly uneven pavement that you have no time to fix and making every event you host, the party of the year.

MegaPorch in Action

Examples of Happy Customers

"I was very happy with my order. I have a small 5x10 area by my patio. Green Dream outdoor area rug was exactly what I was looking for. Some reviews read it shed a lot, but I didn't have that issue."

- Lauren H.

"This product was great, I got exactly what I wanted with great quality. I was pretty surprised it felt that good."

- Sara S.

"This was the first time I wasn't annoyed when the neighbors wanted to ask about what was on our side of the fence. They kept asking about what fertilizer we use and I just smiled. This grass is worth every penny."

- Mattea M.

"The grass is soft and I love standing on it bear foot. I was worried it was gonna look like a grass skirt but it's really perfect. They dry so fast, its so easy to clean and is our doormat substitute."

- Louisa D.

Entertainment Outdoors

 ...the easy way!

Benefits of

Artificial Grass

No watering means lower water bills.

Artificial grass stays green 365 Days a year.

4x More Drainage

Means less waste water

Easy to install

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