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Lead-free and safe for the whole family. Roll out MegaLawn to spend more time on top of the grass, instead of working on it.

"Truly the most advanced artificial grass of all time."


Made in USA
25 Years Lush Life
Easy Install !

100% Recyclable 
15 Years Warranty
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MegaLawn Premiere

Big or Small events

MegaLawn Premiere is a maintenance free synthetic lawn, designed to beautifully backdrop a fun life. It's great for no-frills backyard events big and small.

MegaLawn Pro

Practical Outdoor Space

MegaLawn Pro is the savvy homeowner's solution to family friendly, realistic yards. Perfect for entertaining and outdoor spaces that see a lot of traffic.

MegaLawn Platinum

Luxurious Taste

MegaLawn Platinum lush grass carpets are simply the best for luxurious lawn and landscapes. Investment that you'll enjoy years to come.

MegaLawn in Action

Projects big and small we've got you covered. Call us today and start your project.

"I put this grass on the area in my front yard that the sun won't touch. I live in a townhouse community so there are shadows casting everywhere and despite me wanting to make our front yard beautiful I couldn't do anything to make things grow naturally. This is perfect!"

- Yolanda Q.

"This grass is so soft and I'm glad I went with the shorter grass, it just looks like it's been lived in, which is the look I was going for. I didn't want our grass to look TOO perfect, it just screamed Stepford wife to me."

- Olivia T.

"The grass is nice! I’ve had it for months now and it hasn’t faded. It doesn't get hot in direct sunlight, so that's great. Both my dogs and my girlfriend love it, looking forward to doing the rest of my backyard."

- Roel G.

"I wasn't expecting how luxurious this grass was. I ordered a small sample size first then committed to the entire roll. I've got a huge backyard in Connecticut and this completes the look of our home."

- Robert V.

More time enjoying it

 ...less time working on it!

Just a few of the benefits.

No watering means lower water bills.

Artificial grass stays green 365 Days a year.

4x More Drainage

Means less waste water

Easy to install

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