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Designed to optimize your golf game. MegaGolf withstands heavy traffic and is the ideal solution for large-scale courses to backyard putting greens.

"Truly the most advanced artificial grass of all time."


Made in USA
25 Years Lush Life
Easy Install !

100% Recyclable 
15 Years Warranty
Our Freshest Grass

It's never been easier to golf from home.

Learn more about each type:

MegaGolf Premiere

For Precision Putts

MegaGolf Premiere hitting mat is a popular selection for entry-level, outdoor or indoor roll out golf greens. If precision putts are the goal - this is the turf.

MegaGolf Pro

For High Quality Performance

MegaGolf Pro short game greens are found on both backyards and putting greens alike. Boasting the elegance of a natural well-kept surface, this grass ensures a high-quality performance.

MegaGolf Platinum

Best Durability and Performance

MegaGolf Platinum is a synthetic grass putting course option found in golf courses and putting greens across the country and is designed to be the best of the best in the industry in terms of durability and performance..

MegaGolf in Action

What are customers are saying.

"I bought this cause the price was right and I needed it for a backyard putting green I did myself to teach my kids golf. It does what it needs too and it looks pretty good."

- Rob M.

"We purchased this putting green for my 7 year old son to practice on. The mat arrived rolled. We put a non-slip grip may beneath it so it stays put floors. It's the best!"

- Honor R.

"After having received the product weeks ago, I'm finally ready to review. The mat we ordered was 7x20 to fit in a space in our yard and comfortably swing on. After about a hundred swings without using a tee, it's holding up great. Hopefully, it lasts."

- John P.

"I have this grass setup with a launch monitor. I've been hitting irons on this and expected to see some wear and tear but after a month, I'm pleasantly surprised. Just to throw up some numbers, I've hit 1078 balls (according to Skytrak) on this mat and there's no tearing."

- Robert V.

Golf like a Pro home!

Benefits of

Artificial Grass

No watering means lower water bills.

Artificial grass stays green 365 Days a year.

4x More Drainage

Means less waste water

Easy to install

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