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 ...indoor and out!


Our MegaPatch turf redefines the 'keep it on the pad' experience with our EverClean drainage technology. No more dirty paws!

"Truly the most advanced artificial grass of all time."


Made in USA
25 Years Lush Life
Easy Install !

100% Recyclable 
15 Years Warranty
Our Freshest Grass

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MegaPet Pro

For Small To Medium Pets

MegaPet Pro grass pads for small dogs keep up with their rough and tumble. Permeable and easy to clean, it stays fresher for longer without tracking.

MegaPet Platinum

For Large Pets

MegaPet Platinum dog runs are top of the line pet turf with maximum permeability in mind. Four times the drainage of regular turf.

MegaPet in Action

What our customers are saying.

"Run around in our new yard all day. They can't tell the difference and I have less clean up to do when they come back in!" 

- Bob C.

"My backyard has completely transformed. Baxter loves to play in the yard with his friends. No more muddy paws, and no more muddy dog!"

- Mike A.

The grass is nice! I’ve had it for months now and it hasn’t faded. It doesn't get hot in direct sunlight, so that's great. Both my dogs and my girlfriend love it, looking forward to doing the rest of my backyard.

- Roel G.

This is so easy to clean it's ridiculous. It's exactly as advertised super permeable. I love my saint bernard but i dont like picking up after him he's huge and it's gross. So i just hose everything down. EVERYTHING... and it disappears. Where it goes, I dont know but it's not nasty and on my grass. looks like it sinks way way down. I love this grass. such a lifesaver.

- Carrie V.

Benefits of

Artificial Grass

EverFlow Technology

4x More Drainage

Means less waste water and

easier clean ups

Keep it on

the pad.

Easy to install

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