Our Story

MegaGrass is an artificial grass company that is devoted to producing eco-friendly products and the highest quality artificial grass, for better landscaping solutions.

Our Mission

At MegaGrass we understand that time is a luxury and you’re not wasting it on anything that doesn’t enrich your life. Our mission is to give you back more of your time, and take the work and worry away from your landscaping needs, giving you perfect artificial grass products that fit your lifestyle.MegaGrass is an artificial grass company and we’re devoted to producing eco-friendly products and the highest quality artificial grass, for better landscaping solutions for the masses.

For us, it’s simple: to make your life easy and do synthetic grass right, we have to do it ourselves. Call it particular, if you will, but that’s how we set ourselves apart from the other guys. We’re vertically integrated - from design and engineering, to manufacturing, to warehouse and shipping to you. We stand by every blade strand, every lead-free layer and every patch delivered because when we imagine the life that happens on our grass, we see our own friends and families. That’s you.

For more than a decade we’ve been the innovators of artificial grass serving you with technologically advanced products with higher melting points for our friends in hot places, weather and water proof varieties for our families with four seasons, maximum permeability for puppies both big and small, and a competitive 25 year lush-life guarantee for everyone under the sun. To make it even easier on you, we have eleven locations all over the United States and have 1500 custom sizes per grass product. That’s a lot of grass. Under everything from concert venues, to football stadiums, backyard weddings and more… we’ve got you covered. Literally.

At our roots, MegaGrass comprises of employees from a diverse range of ethnic, social, religious, and political backgrounds. We are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, partners, singers, painters, shoe-makers, problem-solvers and friends. We’re people. Our dreams and hopes at MegaGrass are just as resilient as our synthetic grass and they all start and end at our communal vision for a brighter, more sustainable future, spending more time with our loved ones.

"Grass is more than the thing at your feet: it's parties, playdates, and moments. Have more of that"