How do I avoid turf burn?

Apr 1, 2020 - 2:09 PM COPY
  • I heard that sometimes turf can get burned if it is installed near glass panels or windows. Is it true that the sun's reflection can concentrate and burn the turf if the angle isn't considered during installation? How would you recommend preventing this issue from occuring?

  • Yes, you are correct that window reflections will burn or melt artificial grass, unfortunately.
    In most cases, it is impossible to make changes on your layouts or your windows, so where your windows and your lawns are, they have to be where they are, you can’t change that. Do we have a solution then? The answer is yes! The only best solution for such concern is to tint your windows with the anti reflective film: such files will not only help to insulate your windows but also dramatically cut down the reflections of the sun on your artificial grass lawn to prevent your turf from burning or melting. Please fill out this online form with your location so we can help to recommend a local window tinting company: