Can the golf series also be used for other purposes?

Mar 30, 2020 - 3:46 PM COPY
  • I see that you have the turf put into different series. Does this mean that it is unpractical to use them anywhere else besides for their intended use? For example, if I like the look of the golf series, but don't golf, can I still install it in my yard? Would there be any downside to this?

  • You definitely can use our putting green artificial grass product for any outdoor or indoor applications, technically there won't be any problems. However, I am doubtful on your reasons of using our putting green products for other purpose: the reality is that you can choose a different artificial grass for your specific application, for an example, if you would like to replace your real grass lawn, you can use our MegaLawn. In my personal opinion, MegaGolf is the best for you to build a putting green on your property, as it will perform and function the same as real putting greens.
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