How to Train Your Dog With a DIY Porch Potty

How to Train Your Dog With a DIY Porch Potty

Want a porch potty but can’t afford the price tag? The Porch Potty is a great tool for training your dog, but at more than $200 for the smallest model (and significantly more for larger models), it’s a significant investment.

Luckily, you can make a DIY Porch Potty for a fraction of the price using simple home materials and our high-quality MegaPet artificial grass.

Fake grass for dogs and other pets, MegaPet provides a comfortable surface for your pets, letting your dogs keep up with their rough and tumble without causing any damage to your yard. Soft, comfortable and eco-friendly, it’s easy to install and even easier to maintain.

Ready to start using your DIY Porch Potty? Below, we’ve explained how you can train your dog to make use of your DIY Porch Potty, as well as some simple tips to help you get the most from your pet’s new comfortable rough and tumble spot.

DIY Porch Potty Training 101

Toilet training your dog is an important step in establishing good house habits. One of the most effective methods for training your puppy is the “crate training” method, which involves using a small, comfortable wire or plastic crate to toilet train your dog.

Using a wire or plastic crate available from your local pet store, you can train your puppy to use your DIY Porch Potty instead of letting them go potty indoors.

Crate training is simple. Start by keeping your puppy inside the rate whenever they’re not being directly supervised. This is a comfortable environment for a puppy, as young dogs naturally look for safe, secure spaces to live inside.

When you notice a warning sign that your puppy needs to go potty, leash them and walk them to your DIY Porch Potty. After they’ve stepped onto the DIY Porch Potty, give a verbal command to your puppy, such as “go potty.”

After your puppy has gone potty, provide reinforcement and support for their good behavior by praising them. If you have a dog treat available, give it to your puppy to show that they’ve done the right thing.

Once your puppy has finished, lead them back inside and let them relax inside their crate. You’ll need to repeat this process several times per day, depending on your dog’s eating schedule, to properly form a mental relationship between the DIY Porch Potty and “going potty.”

If your puppy accidentally goes potty inside your home, or outside but not using the DIY Porch Potty, don’t punish them. Instead, firmly but kindly tell your puppy “no,” then pick them up and move them to the DIY Porch Potty to let them finish up.

To form a mental relationship between your puppy and the DIY Porch Potty faster, you can try using a scented training aid spray. While these sprays aren’t perfect, they often make it easier for your puppy to locate and identify “going potty” with the right location.

For Best Results, Establish a Schedule

The key to effective potty training is consistency. To make training your puppy as effective as possible, establish a schedule that includes feeding and “going potty” training at the same or similar times every day.

This way, your puppy will quickly get the hang of using your DIY Porch Potty, helping you to minimize accidents and mess around your house, establish good habits and fully train your puppy earlier.

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