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MegaGrass is an industry-leading synthetic grass manufacturer offering mindful and responsible landscaping solutions. We integrate environmentally sustainable technologies into our grass models to guarantee perfection.


6 Collections

Explore and adapt. Our artificial grass series are created and designed to cater to varying needs.


MegaLawn Category | MegaGrass Collections

MegaLawn - Perfect for front yards, backyards, balconies, and homes with small spaces.


MegaPorch Category | MegaGrass Collections

MegaPorch - Ideal for rooftop landscaping, best for patios and porches.


MegaPet Category | MegaGrass Collections

MegaPet - Your dog potty alternative. Best for dog runs and even commercial spaces.


MegaSport Category | MegaGrass Collections

MegaSports - Great for sports areas and playing fields.


MegaPlay Category | MegaGrass Collections

MegaPlay - For play areas that need extra support. Get protection through trauma reduction.


MegaGolf Category | MegaGrass Collections

MegaGolf - Good for golf enthusiasts, amateurs, and experienced players.


4 Blades


Sahara Blade | Grass of the Future is Here

Sahara - S-shaped, realistic, soft, durable. Engineered to minimize light reflection


Hoover Blade | Grass of the Future is Here

Hoover - C-shaped, high wear tolerance, prevents premature matting


Summit Blade | Grass of the Future is Here

Summit - T-shaped, textured, durable, realistic looking


Valley Blade | Grass of the Future is Here

Valley - Straight cut, mimics the best greenways and fairways


100% Quality

Perfection is in the details. Our synthetic grass is manufactured to mimic and exceed natural grass. We offer eco-friendly solutions because we must. And conveniently, we can.


Our Carbon Footprint = Close to None

Synthetic grass is virtually maintenance free and eliminates the need for fuel, petrol, or diesel run equipment that emits greenhouse gasses. It’s toxin and emission-free and will never require pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. It will never be a breeding ground for pests or insects.


Typical artificial grasscycle is summarized in 4 steps; manufacture, transport, install, recycle, and repeat.


Take Your First Steps

Join the true environmental movement. Make the switch today. Visit for more information.


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